Bridget Rooth

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Boosting Stress-resistance

An estimated 15 million days of work are lost annually in the UK due to workplace stress, with half a million people falling ill due to work-related stress. The cost to individuals, teams and organisations is reaching unprecedented highs driven by the usual historical factors and increasingly, studies show, by political uncertainty and technology.

The main part of the workshop focusses on stress and its impact on the body. Once participants have a clear understanding of the physicality of stress and its impact on mental and physical health, our focus moves to cultivating stress-resistant habits by harnessing the body’s intelligence. The breath-brain-body connection is revealed through experiential exercises and the development of stress-reducing personalised action plans.

In this masterclass we will cover:

  • Stress & mental/physical health
  • Physicality of stress
  • Mastering the body’s intelligence to combat stress:
    • Breath
    • Brain
    • Body
  • Identifying stress triggers in the workplace
  • Team participation to reduce stress
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