Breathe Better, Stress Less

In the Breathe Better, Stress Less masterclass, we learn how the body was designed to breathe and how our modern life and millennia-old brain have led us into bad breathing habits. Studies show that a massive 80% of people are not using their breathing apparatus effectively. What does that mean? Over-breathing, breath hunger, tension build-up, sensitive trigger points, poor posture, loss of concentration and focus, poor sleep and so on.

In a fun, learning-by-feeling way, we master:

  • How to retrain the good breathing muscles to reduce tension in the upper body and improve posture;
  • How to optimise the mind-body-breath connection to minimise stress levels;
  • How to use breath as a tool to manage your emotional state and the way you think so you’re not constantly hijacked by your thoughts and feelings;
  • How to differentiate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress so you don’t remain in a constant state of ‘bad’ stress;
  • How to use good posture, stretches and breathing techniques to create ‘relaxation’ times throughout the working day.

This workshop reconnects people with their body and their breathing. In it they learn how to regulate their emotions and stress levels through breathing: A tool that is free, always accessible, inexhaustible and easy to use.

Thoroughly recommend ‘Breathe Better, Stress Less’ masterclass. I was surprised by how relaxed I felt after the class and just how easy the techniques are to include in your every day life. Bridget managed to fuse the science of human body and mind with her knowledge and life experiences perfectly to create this educational, yet mind cleansing class. Give it a go – your mind will thank you.” Natasha, HR Director, Education Trust

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