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Bridget Rooth

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The Art & Science of Curiosity – How to ignite curiosity to build innovative, collaborative teams

The engine of creativity, and foundation of life-long learning, and the bringer of pleasure and reward, curiosity is a future proof personal and interpersonal development skill.

We were all so curious as children, asking, testing, playing, experimenting – it is part of a clever biological trick to help us learn. But curiosity can serve a great purpose in our adult lives and produce the same levels of intrinsic reward. Developing a curious disposition is both an art and a science, and can help us establish life long learning habits, unleash our creativity, and build collaborative and innovative teams.

How do we develop curiosity at the individual and team level? And how can we use curiosity to nurture creativity and innovative thinking in teams?

This masterclass introduces tools, tips and techniques for redeveloping curiosity at an individual level and using curiosity in teams to achieve unique opportunities of growth and development.

Things we will cover:

  • What is curiosity & where does it come from?
  • What are the benefits to an individual and a team?
  • Removing barriers to individual curiosity
  • Developing a disposition to be curious
  • Developing team curiosity through tools and techniques
  • Curiosity in action
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