Marieke Reichwein

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Chinese Landscape Painting – Understanding Chinese ideology, politics and idealism

The painting of landscapes has been an independent art genre in China for over 1,600 years. It is found in every setting, in the background of highly political meetings and in the supermarket in China, it is in the hearts and minds of everyone. During this course we will explore how to read these paintings.

These specific paintings are objects of a visual culture transferring ideology, aesthetics, power struggle and idealism through the centuries. They are artistic worldly diagrams, instrumental in interpreting current affairs.

But, the paintings are not only ‘objects’ to be observed or interpreted. Their purpose of the painting is to expand one’s narrow view of the world and our cosmos. It is a challenging and provoking thinking process.

Session Content Overview:

• Guided observation: your view
• Perspectives: a comparative view
• Art critics: the view of art historians and artists over the centuries in China
• Current affairs: deepening understanding
• Giving lodge to one’s mind

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