Connected to Self: Find power through purpose, personality and positivity

A key component of emotional intelligence, the gateway to personal well-being and the foundation of how we deal with others, self-awareness should be at the top of all of our learning goals.

What makes us uniquely brilliant? What drives us to perform, to succeed, to nurture important friendships? By understanding the forces of nurture and nature, we can get to know ourselves at a deeper level.

Why do we have gut feelings, and why does one idea give us a headache and another a feeling of euphoria? Explore the somatic processes of the Positive Emotional Attractors, and Negative Emotional Attractors and the effect they have on our bodies and thinking.

Where do our wants and needs originate? Delve into the deeper whys of what we perceive to be important.

This masterclass is about learning who you are, and understanding that your uniqueness brings opportunities to you and those around you.

Things we will cover:

  • Discover what makes you uniquely you
  • Discover what drives and what hinders you
  • Explore how your values drive your levels of motivation
  • Build a direction based on strengths
  • Explore the somatic sensation of positive and negative thought
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