Alexandra Pearson

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Curiosity; Your Most Powerful Tool for Individual & Team Performance

The engine of creativity, and foundation of life-long learning, and the bringer of pleasure and reward, curiosity is a future-proof personal and interpersonalĀ development skill.

Far from getting you into trouble, curiosity is part of a clever biological trick to help you learn. Curiosity builds resilience, empathy and is at the heart of good self-management. Building a curious disposition helps you establish lifelong learning habits and unleashes your creativity. It also fosters collaborative and innovative teams.

How do you develop curiosity at an individual and team level? How can you use curiosity to nurture creativity and innovative thinking in teams? What role does curiosity play in building agility into your team and problem solving processes?

This masterclass introduces tools, tips and techniques for redeveloping curiosity at an individual level and using curiosity in teams to achieve unique opportunities of growth and development.

Things we will cover:

  • What is curiosity & where does it come from?
  • What are the benefits to an individual and a team?
  • Removing barriers to individual curiosity
  • Developing a disposition to be curious
  • Developing team curiosity & agility through tools and techniques
  • Workplace Agility & Curiosity
  • Curiosity in action
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