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How to create, hold and grow your presence

To grow we need to step outside of our comfort zones. Whether you’re dipping your toe across the line or taking a running jump out of the zone, you’ll be more successful if you’ve built resilience, awareness, confidence and presence.

Often fear can masquerade as false confidence which won’t put you at ease in a new situation, nor will it convince others. But when you build from the inside out, it comes across as authentic, honest and genuinely confident.

This immersive 3-hour workshop covers understanding limiting beliefs, addressing current challenges in the workplace and methods to build confidence, how to lead groups effectively and how to create and hold your own space.

In turn you’ll also be able to practice being authentic and supportive of others in the workshop, learning some new techniques in how to support others’ presence.

For those new to a leadership or management role, for those looking at promotion or who are new to a team, or a minority in a business, then learning to hold your space is so important.

Course experience:

  • Confidence building and stretching comfort zones
  • Building awareness and learning methods to support others around you
  • Overcoming bias, prejudice and limiting beliefs in the workplace
  • Learning by doing and working with peers
  • Space for practice and peer support
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