Diane Marks

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Let’s Play – Developing our true self through playful expression

“Play is the free expression of what is in the soul.” (Froebel)

How much is play a part of your life? Do you tend to disregard the importance of it? This workshop (or playshop!) is an opportunity to reclaim your childhood sense of play, this wondrous natural ability we all have within us when we are born that may have diminished along the way.  As well as having some time to reflect on your relationship with play together with a light touch of theory, you will have the opportunity to discover more of your wonderful, unique, ‘true self’ through play – and have some fun!

Session Content Overview:

  • Why play?
  • A little play
  • Your play experiences
  • A little more play
  • What play means to you
  • Some more play
  • Self-discovery through play
  • Did I mention play?
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