Mind Mapping – Visual Integrative Thinking

Mind Maps follow the natural organising procedures of our neural pathways. They integrate ideas, prioritise thoughts and give space for strategic thinking at the complex level. They create links and associations facilitating easy recall, and work as a prime tool for giving presentations and memorising information. Compact in structure, they also allow for efficient collation of research and data and offer an opportunity for complex problem solving.

During the course, we will learn how to do several different types of maps, from concept mapping, to knowledge mapping. We will look at how to map for idea generation, information storage and recall, and for presenting, and explore how mind mapping can help us look afresh at complex problem solving and strategy development.

Participants will:

  • Understand how to create a map
  • Use maps for Strategic thinking
  • Create maps for information comprehension and recall
  • Use maps for Idea generation and collection
  • Understand how to map for organised note taking
  • Map for planning and goal setting

In person

1/2 day to 1 day

“Fantastic session from Alex, extremely knowledgeable and I feel that it will totally revolutionise my approach to note taking and idea generation starting from now! Probably the most useful, practical course I’ve taken in a long time.” Aideen

“Alex is a brilliant facilitator.” Jude

“An excellent and inspirational workshop that is going to totally change how I capture and use data, plus ideas to train, present, research and pitch to clients. Can’t wait to get started.” Vanessa

“A fascinating insight into how our brains recall details and what makes mind mapping such a valuable tool. I can now successfully use mapping in a huge variety of situations, for myself and with my team.  Mapping provides me with a level of consistency and comprehensiveness in all my tasks and processes. Alex’s workshop is so engaging you can instantly feel the benefit of this effective life-skill and I would recommend her class to any professional seeking greater efficiency and clarity in their work.” Dawn

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