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Story Telling – Magic and Mechanics

All the best presentations, sales pitches, lectures, management debates, even negotiations share one vital ingredient, they all contain a compelling story. Stories are highly persuasive. Psychologists have shown that our brains are hard-wired to react to stories more than any other form of communication. From Stone Age man sitting round the camp fire to classic literature and right up to Netflix, the basic elements of storytelling have remained unchanged for thousands of years. Storytelling – magic and mechanics reveals the mystery of story, how stories work on us psychologically, and explains the basic elements of storytelling so that we can tell more interesting stories and be more persuasive. Both in our personal and professional lives, story is the most powerful communication tool we have. Storytelling – magic and mechanics will show you how to become a more effective communicator by becoming a more engaging storyteller.

Yurt keeper, Bob Maddams, worked as a film-maker in Ethiopia where he wrote and produced behaviour change drama films. He is also a copywriter, journalist and author of two travel books.

Content overview

  • The story of story
  • Understanding different types of story
  • The key elements of story telling
  • How to tell a story
  • Practical storytelling group exercise

The workshop explains the basic mechanics of story telling and then invites participants (working in pairs) to create stories from the techniques that have been demonstrated. Don’t worry – you can leave your quills at home, this participation part of the workshop happens with felt-pens and index cards as you map out your stories and then…tell us your story.

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