Curious Intelligence – Create the Ultimate ROI on Human Skills

The engine of creativity, and foundation of life-long learning, and the bringer of pleasure and reward, curiosity is a future proof personal and interpersonal development skill.

We were all so curious as children, asking, testing, playing, experimenting – it is part of a clever biological trick to help us learn. But curiosity can serve a great purpose in our adult lives and produce the same levels of intrinsic reward. Developing a curious disposition is both an art and a science, and can help us establish life long learning habits, unleash our creativity, and build collaborative and innovative teams. 

We were all so curious as children, asking, testing, playing, experimenting. At what stage did we stop being curious, and what effects has that had on our ability to grow personally and professionally? Curiosity serves a great purpose in our lives, and helps us establish life-long learning habits, greater self-awareness, and brings about achievements in work and at home.

Boosting Your Financial Wellbeing

Now we’re living longer and leading less predictable lives, we need new ways of thinking about money. While this brings increased responsibility, it also offers exciting new opportunities and different ways of being.

Most of us know we need to spend less and save more. Financial security is essential to our wellbeing, yet it can be difficult to know how to achieve it. How much is enough? What are the risks? When do I need to start saving for the future?

The Circular Economy- what is it and how it can save the world?

This fun, 3 hour experiential workshop will explain the fundamental principles of the Circular Economy and how it is already being applied to redesign our world. Discover the potential to transform the way we live as individuals and also to drive greater resource productivity by eliminating waste, dramatically reducing carbon and preserving value in all that we do and consume. Do you feel overwhelmed by the negativity surrounded climate change and pollution?

Are you concerned about the scarcity of resources in our future? The Circular Economy is a faster solution for us to positively act now and create a thriving, competitive society.  Learn how you, your family and work team can apply Circular Economy thinking to accelerate positive change.

How to nurture, cultivate and integrate curiosity across all aspects of work and of life using the Joy of Not Knowing (JONK) philosophy and approach

Curiosity opens up endless opportunities for us all within all aspects of our lives. Curiosity enables us to develop the invaluable quality of being intrinsically motivated to want to learn, to know, to discover, to postulate new ideas, to discuss different alternatives, to wonder and to explore wisdom in a way that makes anything and everything seem exciting and possible.

Stoicism – The Original Personal Development Programme

Making use of the original personal development program

Life is busy, complicated and full of highs and lows, so how can we best develop, learn and thrive? Stoicism, although an ancient philosophy, can be found throughout modern personal development and self-mastery literature. This workshop will show you the tools used by the Stoics such as the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, how modern authors use Stoicism, and why Silicon Valley has adopted Stoicism for developing mastery and resilience.

By the end of the workshop, you will have some invaluable tools to use, not only to enhance your personal resilience, but how to live a more fulfilling, satisfying and happy life. You will have a blue print to increase your success, no matter what success is for you.

Cultural Intelligence – Learning from Mongolian Nomadic Wisdom

In the 13th century Chinggis Khaan, the leader of steppe, founded the ‘Great Mongolian State’ by forging the largest contiguous empire in the history of the world, stretching from Korea to present-day Poland. The empire led great economic, political and cultural transformation across Asia and Europe, from the establishment of the world’s best transportation system at the time, to the standardised use of paper money and coins.

Under his reign, almost all popular religions from Buddhism to Eastern Christianity, Manichaeism to Islam lived peacefully alongside one another. And yet he, and all his people were nomads. What can we learn from those nomadic leaders? In this session, we explore the concept of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), and learn how nomads utilised it, in order to enhance our insight, and to work effectively with diversity.

Chinese Landscape Painting – Understanding Chinese ideology, politics and idealism

The painting of landscapes has been an independent art genre in China for over 1,600 years. It is found in every setting, in the background of highly political meetings and in the supermarket in China, it is in the hearts and minds of everyone. During this course we will explore how to read these paintings.

These specific paintings are objects of a visual culture transferring ideology, aesthetics, power struggle and idealism through the centuries. They are artistic worldly diagrams, instrumental in interpreting current affairs.

But, the paintings are not only ‘objects’ to be observed or interpreted. Their purpose of the painting is to expand one’s narrow view of the world and our cosmos. It is a challenging and provoking thinking process.

Let’s Play – Developing our true self through playful expression

“Play is the free expression of what is in the soul.” (Froebel)

How much is play a part of your life? Do you tend to disregard the importance of it? This workshop (or playshop!) is an opportunity to reclaim your childhood sense of play, this wondrous natural ability we all have within us when we are born that may have diminished along the way.  As well as having some time to reflect on your relationship with play together with a light touch of theory, you will have the opportunity to discover more of your wonderful, unique, ‘true self’ through play – and have some fun!