Future of Work Series

Curiosity; Your Most Powerful Tool for Individual & Team Performance

The engine of creativity, and foundation of life-long learning, and the bringer of pleasure and reward, curiosity is a future-proof personal and interpersonalĀ development skill.

Far from getting us into trouble, curiosity is part of a clever biological trick to help us learn. And curiosity can serve a great purpose in our adult lives. Developing a curious disposition is both an art and a science, and can help us establish lifelong learning habits, unleash our creativity, and build collaborative and innovative teams.

Building Collaborative Teams

Collaboration requires a combination of social skills – from deep understanding of the diversity within our teams, to building trust and establishing respectful, empowering authentic communication. Healthy teams comprise diversity on all levels; they offer a wide pool of experiences on which to feed, and different values and beliefs to help us challenge stagnation. Managing, and indeed thriving on, diversity requires great skills in trust building and authentic communication. And we need skills to transform conflict into opportunity.

Human-centred Leadership

People are at the core of all successful businesses, regardless of industry, and the current tech-driven changes require us to focus on what is most important – our people. Developing human-centred leadership at all levels of the organisation unleashes personal brilliance from within our teams.

Human-centred leadership is aligns values and purpose to add clarity to an organisationā€™s greater purpose. Human-centred leadership is about serving a team and bringing out the best of each member. It builds engagement and motivation through resonant relationships at every tier of the business.

Unlocking Creative Intelligence

In this workshop, we explore how we think, where we get stuck, and how to see afresh. We learn to use different thinking tools for different occasions and build creative muscle. We also explore some of the psychological attitudes that influence our creative potential and abilities. Ultimately, we gain a fresh perspective on how to improve personal and team creative output bringing real value to team performance.

Building Resilience

Resilient people find potential in almost any challenge. They nurture positivity and see opportunity where others see problems. Resilient people use past experiences to prepare for change and build the strength and the mindset to remain future- and solution-focused in ambiguous and challenging situations. They are also acutely self-aware and take care to build the confidence required to face uncertainty.