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Building Virtual Collaborative Teams

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Alexandra Pearson

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Building Virtual Collaborative Teams
with Alexandra Pearson

Collaboration requires a combination of social skills – from deep understanding of the diversity within our teams, to building trust and establishing respectful, empowering authentic communication. Healthy teams comprise diversity on all levels; they offer a wide pool of experiences on which to feed, and different values and beliefs to help us challenge stagnation. Managing, and indeed thriving on, diversity requires great skills in trust building and authentic communication.

Building and maintaining highly functional virtual teams is a challenge of its own, but there are tools and techniques to help.

Building highly collaborative teams is both an art and a science. In this masterclass we explore tools and techniques, as well as mindsets and behaviours to enable us to build and be part of innovative, agile and resilient teams.

Things we will cover:

  • Connected to others
  • Virtually Connected
  • Diversity understood
  • Communication
  • Virtual Communication
  • Nurturing and Harvesting Trust

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