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Conflict Transformation

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Kemptown, Brighton, BN21AJ


Alexandra Pearson

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Conflict Transformation
with Alexandra Pearson

Conflicts are unavoidable and not necessarily bad; they can create resentment, infighting and build an unhealthy organisation culture resulting in lower productive, disgruntled staff, and low levels of collaboration and creative output. Or they can they can offer opportunity for growth, innovation and creative development.

Effective conflict resolution and mediation skills are key to building a sustainable organisational model, be it large or small, political, industrial, creative or humanitarian. And leaders of organisations who build the skills sets required for conflict recognition and dispute resolution are better equipped to tap into diversity, and lead and manage creative successful teams.

This workshop provides an opportunity to learn about the principles and causes of conflicts, to choose strategies to resolve conflict, and to build facilitation skills that lead to the resolution of disputes through artful mediation. The workshop is highly interactive, with pair and group activities throughout that are specifically designed to deepen understanding and build skills.

Participants will learn to:

  • Recognise conflict
  • Understand the sources of conflict
  • Choose appropriate resolution strategies
  • Build skills essential for conflict resolution and mediation
  • Understand the mediation 5 step process
  • Practice artful mediation

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