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Interconnected Intelligence: Powering Team Trust through Authentic Communication, Brighton

Cost: £75

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June 16, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Alexandra Pearson
Bridget Rooth

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Interconnected Intelligence: Powering Team Trust through Authentic Communication, Brighton
with Alexandra Pearson
with Bridget Rooth

Successful interaction with other people is built on trust, and trust is at the heart of any truly effective team. But how do we build trust? What are its building blocks and what are the specific outcomes of trust? In this masterclass we discover the things we can harvest from trust and how they benefit our interactions with others.

Communication is a complex beast; it is an art and a science and immensely powerful. What makes us good communicators and easily understood by others? We learn how to identify and dismantle the barriers to effective communication.

People often struggle to identify their purpose. In this session, we break it down to reveal what is driving us. What truly matters though, is to be able to convert our purpose into behaviours, and ultimately actions. Mastering how to enact those behaviours across all areas of our life is what brings fulfilment, both personal and professional.

Even though we work in teams and within larger organisations, we are still responsible for our own present and future. We examine why reclaiming our autonomy, stepping into our responsibilities, and reaping the reward of intrinsic motivation is the highest form of reward.

At the end of the masterclass we will feel empowered to turn challenges into opportunity and we will build a personalised action plan to better connect to others and the world around us.

Things we will cover:

  • Feeding and harvesting trust
  • Building solid blocks of communication
  • Learning powerful and compelling communication skills
  • Converting purpose into behaviour
  • Converting behaviour into action
  • Discovering the power of autonomy, responsibility and reward

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