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Fresh Thoughts on Painting

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Andrew Pearson

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Fresh Thoughts on Painting
with Andrew Pearson

Would you like to be more adventurous in your painting? Would you like to express yourself more freely and vividly? You may be a beginner, or you may just be looking for a new direction. This session is about experimenting and surprising yourself. Please bring the materials you like to work with, and maybe also some that you have not tried but would like to. You should include easel or drawing board, cheap paper, board or canvas, newsprint, plus pencils, brushes, paints, ink, rags etc. as desired – stuff to make marks, and stuff to make marks on. The session is about attitude, not method.

We shall experiment with various ideas leading to unexpected and exciting results, including:

  • Composition – Constructing a strong image to build on
  • Developing without erasing
  • Using the “wrong” hand
  • The value of empty space
  • The value of the scribble
  • Drawing like a child
  • Working with others towards a composite work

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