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How to have Difficult Conversations

Cost: £75

Date & Time:

June 9, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


French Chamber of Commerce, London, WC1V 7JH


Jamie Pyper

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How to have Difficult Conversations
with Jamie Pyper

Overcoming inertia and saying what’s important – With Concious Business People

We all have conversations in our life that need having but that somehow don’t get had. This may be true in our work or our personal lives. Commonly we fear the discomfort of conflict, sometimes it’s because we don’t know how to say it or find the right words, sometimes we fear that we won’t be heard.

But what could change if you could have that conversation? What might become possible? What might you gain?

This 3 hour experiential workshop will gently but progressively stretch your comfort zone to build your confidence. We’ll show you how to use congruence so you get heard in potentially challenging conversations, remaining gently assertive while minimising unproductive conflict.

The skills you will learn are essential in leadership and management roles but may serve you equally in your professional and personal life.

All you need to bring is yourself and a conversation you’d like to have. We’ll create the space where it’s safe to learn and practice. We’re psychotherapists and business culture change specialists so we’re either having or facilitating these conversations daily.

Course contents:

  • Personal Development – confidence building and stretching comfort zones
  • Foundation interpersonal communications skills
  • Uses simple models and concepts from modern relational Psychology
  • Highly Experiential – learning by doing
  • Working with each other
  • Space for reflective practice

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