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Mastering Emotional Intelligence

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Alexandra Pearson

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Mastering Emotional Intelligence
with Alexandra Pearson

The complexities of the modern world require building a network of unselfish collaborations and strategic ecosystem thinking, and these require deep levels of emotional intelligence. Relationships are key for the present and future or businesses large, small, profit and non-for, public sector and private. Relationships with teams and organisations, and also across sector need developing and nurturing to be able to transcend current models of business strategy and team development.

Emotional Intelligence is about personal awareness – recognition and management of emotions, and interpersonal abilities – empathy, compassion, mentoring and team emotion management.

Knowledge and Skills that you will learn:

  • Understand and experience the principles of Emotional Intelligence
  • Deepen skills of reflection, self-awareness, emotional regulation, and emotion processing
  • Learn transformation practices that help us regulate our nervous systems, and those of others
  • Build Resilience, Confidence & Motivation
  • How to transcend blame, shame, complain
  • Build confidence & intrinsic motivation
  • Let’s start with Strengths – self-assessment

“A most enjoyable session, delivered in a very engaging and informative way. Alexandra is clearly very knowledgeable in her subject matter. Fun and useful.” Caroline

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