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Positive Psychology in Practice

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Adam Pearson

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Positive Psychology in Practice
with Adam Pearson

What is it about the letter P?  People, potential, performance … so much more positive and powerful than … problems.  This course moves on from traditional problem-solving to explore what positive psychology can look like in practice. The course covers theories, techniques and skills from the ‘solution focused approach’, developed in the 1980’s and gaining ground in fields such as therapy, social care, health and organisational change.  We’ll work with live material ranging from the everyday to the transformational.

Expect to learn some very practical skills for achieving change, and to experience changes. This is an experiential process, and the approaches we will use are good not just for bringing about positive feelings, but creating powerful results.  For those who will want proof – expect pudding.

Course contents

  • History and paradigms
  • Modern techniques and applications
  • Personal and interpersonal skills
  • Putting it all into practice

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