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Productive and in Control

Cost: £45

Date & Time:

July 9, 2018 @ 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm


The Theatre Royal, Brighton, BN1 1SD


Catherine Pope

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Productive and in Control
with Catherine Pope

Time Management Techniques for High Flyers

Okay. Deep breath. Ask yourself this question: why are you working so hard but still not getting as much done as you want? Now this: ever felt so stressed about how much you’ve got to do, that an hour can flit by with nothing to show for it?

If only there was a short and snappy three-hour course to help you fix this…. Well, luckily Time Management Techniques for High Flyers is it!

This supportive, three-hour interactive session will put you firmly in charge of your workload. You’ll explore how you can free up blocks of time and focus on achieving what’s truly important.

We’ll help you acquire proven techniques to take control of your time and workload for good.  In just three hours you’ll be armed with new skills that will transform the way you work. You’ll gain:

  • an honest insight into how you’re using your time – with an understanding of where you putting your attention during the week, and how could that effort be better directed
  • a clearer sense of your working preferences – understand what plays to your strengths, and how can you structure your week so it brings out your best every day
  • techniques for task prioritisation – never waste all day working on the least important job again.
  • tips to overcome procrastination and sharpen focus – how to just get on with it, in a clear-headed and cheerful way.
  • a personal action plan – this is how you get to be the boss of your day.

Taking control of time management will benefit you for years to come. A more efficient you can start now. Sign up now and really start to get things done.

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