January 20

Human Intelligence and the Future of Work

Why are the three intelligences of Curiosity, Creativity and Connectedness so crucial to the future of work? Simply put they are human-centred, they are the foundation of learning and growth and they are the pillars of innovation, collaboration, agility and resilience.

The 21st century is throwing challenges at organisations from every angle; changes of attitudes and desires of the young work force, the extended working life of the older work force, political, digital and social shifts. While we should embrace technological innovation, we must focus on our people and the inherent skills that lie within diverse teams if we are to transform the challenges of change to purpose-driven opportunities for the future.

Purpose, People & Profit through Human Intelligence

Change offers opportunity for transformation, but it comes at a cost. There is often fear and anxiety which leads to attitudes of protectionism and elitism, and results in stress and absenteeism. The obsession with economic growth above all else is leading to polarization and disempowerment, as well as unchartered consumerism and pollution. But there is another way, a way that puts purpose and people and profit at the core of business strategy. A way that empowers people to contribute because they feel a part of the bigger purpose, they feel proud and engaged.

To revolutionise business strategy, we need to change mindsets and behaviours at every level. Rich organisational culture comes from everywhere, from everyone. But it must be supported and nurtured by the top. By building curiosity, creativity and connectedness at every level we tap into the very human-ness of organisations, and re-centre purpose around building businesses that are both useful and beautiful.


Curiosity feeds empathy, desires diversity, longs for learning. Curious teams search for collaborative opportunities to share creative ideas and build innovative solutions. Curious individuals become lifelong learners, discovering a breadth of knowledge and making connections that lead to ground-breaking ideas.


Creativity develops confidence, stamina and determination. Creative teams thrive on ambiguity and move effortlessly between divergent spacious thinking and convergent analytical thinking. Creative individuals thrive in adversity, they re-frame challenges into opportunities, and look for solutions in the deepest of trenches.


Connectedness feeds our souls – as individuals, as teams, as organisations, as societies. It is the most required of all human needs, to belong, to share, to grow together. Connected teams are authentic in their communication and principled in their actions. Connected individuals are self-aware and content. They work for the greater good and take pleasure in serving a higher purpose.