September 22

Published – Engaging Human Intelligence in a Tech-driven World

“…as machines and algorithms take over the more automatable jobs, it is imperative that we, as human beings, focus our efforts and learning opportunities on developing and harnessing the most human of skills: curiosity, creativity and the ability to connect with others.”

In this mind-opening, refreshing and bold take on the future of work and purposeful business, Alex Pearson explores how we can all exploit the characteristics that marks us out from even the smartest machine: our ability to imagine.

Reflecting on extensive research and experience, she reveals how we can reap enormous benefits by actively engaging our natural instincts of curiosity, creativity and connection. Curious, Creative, Connected

  • Curious – so you can embrace new ideas
  • Creative – so you can see from different perspectives
  • Connected – so you are aware of yourself, others and the world around you

Full of enticing nuggets and simple techniques, Curious, Creative, Connected shows us how we can apply our human intelligence to build a rich and rewarding future – professionally, socially and domestically.

“A wonderfully energetic, passionate and reflective approach to tapping into our most human of capabilities, which Alex has been doing for the last 30 years. A must read for those looking for a future full of courage, clarity and purpose.”
Anthony Willoughby, Director, The Nomadic School of Business

“An inspiring and motivating guide to leveraging our human intelligences to bring about powerful positive change both at work and at home.”
J Berman, Senior Account Manager, City of London

“Fascinating, simple, humanistic and effective. Building businesses fit for the 21st century by doing stuff our brains love.”
Jamie Pyper, Founder, Conscious Business People

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