Meaning Fringe Event – A Nomadic Journey of Learning

A journey of 15 minute immersive experiences visiting 4 areas common to us all; self-discovery, community, culture, and work.

We invite you as fellow travellers in life, to explore your role in an ever demanding world. Each space is designed to challenge and inspire you to recognise your own unique contribution, so working together we can leave a positive legacy.


All children express themselves through playful drawing and creation of stories. All children express themselves through play. When do we stop valuing this in our lives? Take 15 minutes to escape int a sanctuary of non-judgmental free expression of your innate creativity. Art is a story and by making marks on paper you will be connecting with your imagination and creating your own stories.

This fast-flowing guided activity will enable you to rediscover your valuable inner child, through your spontaneous and unique self-expression – and to have some fun with others whilst doing it.


What is culture? How can we live and work with those whose cultures are different to ours? Our values are the biggest determinate of culture; they are also our biggest driver, shaping our decisions and our direction in life. Experience a values activity to connect with your true core values, and grow in understanding and awareness of those of others.


At a time when we’re increasingly losing our sense of the ‘collective self,’ we’ll be prompting you to think about your tribe and what you can achieve together. We explore the value of community and the limitations we face when we try to go it alone. An interactive experience to find those who complement you and those who spark you.


What is purpose, and what does if have to do with our work? What should work look like in light of our growing understanding of what it means to be human? Take 15 minutes to explore, question and solidify the fundamental principles that drive us, remind ourselves what on earth we are even driving for, and consider how to protect the core of our humanity within the call of work that must be done.


Numbers are limited to 50 participants. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Facilitated by:
Alexandra Pearson, Sara Manalsuren, Vanessa O’Shea, Cat Neligan, Heidi Bentley, Ric O’Shea, Diane Marks


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