Does every day feel like the same dull repetition of the day before?
Has the culture of your organisation gone from collaborative, innovative and stimulated to dysfunctional, stagnant and stifled?
And in a world of instant digital communication, why do you feel so disconnected with those around you?

You started your career with so much enthusiasm and energy. But now, far from feeling motivated and engaged by your work, you feel like a cog in a giant machine. Your every move is tracked by algorithms and you feel under constant pressure to meet targets, as if you’re a machine.

Work has become a misery!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time for a change… and that’s why we’re writing this book. We want to show you how tapping into your curiosity, creativity and connectedness can transform your success and satisfaction at work.

This inspirational handbook will show you how to build fulfilment, wonder and resilience into your professional life and business. So, come on a journey of discovery with us as we explore different ways to be curious, creative and connected in your workplace.

Whether you’re an employee, a team leader, an entrepreneur or the CEO of a large organisation, reading this book will reconnect you with your human intelligence in a way that feels natural and energising.

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