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Diane Marks

“Play is engaging openly, curiously and spontaneously with the world – so every day can be a play day!”

Diane is a Coach & Facilitator who believes everyone has something unique and valuable to offer the world and her interest is in helping people to release the unlimited potential of this.

Her work both within a FTSE 100 company and as an independent for the past 10 years has included personal development coaching, team development facilitation, culture and values development, plus navigating transitions throughout life. A common thread is personal/collective effectiveness and fulfilment – helping people explore and express what is really important to them, their strengths and their unique offering.

With an instinctive and heartfelt love for play, Diane learnt more about the legitimate value of this in all areas of our lives when the benefits of play were realised throughout her culture change work within a business and later in her MA studies. Diane looks to bring the benefits of this to more and more people, both from a personal aspect for individuals / groups and more broadly for businesses.

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Let’s play! Developing our true self through playful expression

“Play is the free expression of what is in the soul.” (Froebel) How much is play a part of your…


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August 12, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm