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Emma Mills-Sheffield

Emma’s masterclasses don’t start with the stories of the lessons she learnt when she represented her country in an elite sport, or her experiences of climbing Mount Everest. But what she will tell you is how she’s led diverse and hierarchical teams on complex projects by being empathetic, human and showing vulnerability. Too often the term “high performing team” comes with an expectation of chest-beating and bravado but she believes it’s far more important for everyone to understand and support each other as individuals. This can get forgotten when under pressure but it’s at this point when humility and vulnerability are powerful leadership traits for developing a high performing team.

From leading and training diverse teams, to coaching and mentoring graduates to board executives, this is where Emma thrives. So although she spent the last 15 years in project management, process improvement, training delivery and coaching in the financial services sector, creative and digital industries and engineering consultancy, it’s in the area of developing people that Emma finds most rewarding.

Emma artfully mixes these business skills with her experiences of resilience, growth, empathy and knowing that life is short, which means she offers a very different approach to coaching and team development work. Her leadership coaching encourages using humility and vulnerability at the core of developing a high performing team and how to effectively breakdown traditional hierarchical structures to improve communication. You can definitely expect irreverence, dark humour, tangential anecdotes and a huge amount of love and care in Emma’s masterclasses.

When she’s not running a business, Emma can be found baking cakes for her regular afternoon teas for the lonely elderly of Brighton and Hove, as a trustee for a suicide prevention charity, mentoring local businesses and students, watching the cricket or feverishly learning how to keep plants alive in the garden.


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“Strategic ‘doing’, putting productivity in the right places” 

We’re mindful of how we use resources; how we reduce, reuse and recycle and are being more thoughtful on what resources we truly need.  Too often we don’t think about time, yet it’s the resource which is finite.  Research shows that only 30-40% of the average workday is actually productive yet we manage to fill our time and often don’t feel like we’ve actually achieved what we started out to do.

So what would you do if you had more time?  Time to actually think, time to think strategically.  You might want to work smarter to fit your working day into five hours and with this new time take up a Masters degree, spend time with family or take on a fabulous new project, then you should think about how to be productive in the time that you have.

How to create, hold and grow your presence

To grow we need to step outside of our comfort zones. Whether you’re dipping your toe across the line or taking a running jump out of the zone, you’ll be more successful if you’ve built resilience, awareness, confidence and presence.

Often fear can masquerade as false confidence which won’t put you at ease in a new situation, nor will it convince others. But when you build from the inside out, it comes across as authentic, honest and genuinely confident.

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Strategic ‘doing’, putting productivity in the right places

We’re mindful of how we use resources; how we reduce, reuse and recycle and are being more thoughtful on what…


French Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln House, 300 High Holborn, London
London, WC1V 7JH United Kingdom.

Date & time:

March 10 @ 1:00 am - 5:00 pm