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Marcelo Staricoff

“Einstein’s parents never asked him what he had learnt at school but rather ‘what questions have you asked today?”

This quote resonates particularly deeply with Marcelo as it combines both of his careers and life experiences, originally as a research scientist investigating the function and properties of liver cells and red blood cells and most recently as a Primary School Headteacher. Marcelo has always been fascinated by what can emerge, beyond what anyone could ever imagine, from both children and adults when one creates the conditions in which everyone feels free to experiment with their thinking in an intellectual playful way.

Marcelo recently founded a small consultancy firm, The Joy of Not Knowing (JONK) Thinking and Learning, which grew out of his passion to promote an enthusiasm and an intrinsic love of learning in everyone that he meets. Marcelo is now working with a wide range of organisations to help establish a ‘values-led learning-to-learn culture’ rooted on inquiry, creative thinking, life-long learning, collaboration, action-research, inclusive leadership and a transformational love of not knowing.

Marcelo is a Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching, is the author of the book Start Thinking and has published in the field. He regularly leads INSET, provides CPD, leads Masterclasses, works alongside learners in their settings and speaks at national and international conferences.

Marcelo is an Associate Lecturer in Education at the University of Sussex and at Coram, the children’s charity. Marcelo is also a Trustee of the educational charity, the Laurel Trust, and he is currently writing three books, which include two sequels to Start Thinking; a version for very young learners and the translated into Spanish to promote the concept of ‘bilingual thinking’. The Joy of Not Knowing book will be published by Routledge in 2020.

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How to nurture, cultivate and integrate curiosity across all aspects of work and of life using the Joy of Not Knowing (JONK) philosophy and approach

Curiosity opens up endless opportunities for us all within all aspects of our lives. Curiosity enables us to develop the invaluable quality of being intrinsically motivated to want to learn, to know, to discover, to postulate new ideas, to discuss different alternatives, to wonder and to explore wisdom in a way that makes anything and everything seem exciting and possible.

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