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Saranzaya Manalsuren

“The purpose of knowledge is to accept others for their abilities, learn what you can from them, and share what you yourself have mastered’.

A researcher and lecturer, passionate about exploring the intertwining relationships between cultures and its influence on our thinking, Sara focuses her studies on indigenous management concepts – non-Western management approaches of emerging countries. Sara’s interest in transitional economies is not a coincidence.

Born and brought up in a rural Mongolia, and the first generation allowed to come to a ‘capitalist’ country to study, she dedicated her PhD to examine the local management practices in Mongolia and investigate how the influence of a nomadic heritage feeds into their behaviours and thinking.

She has much to share about nomadic traditions and concepts, which may enrich our perception of ‘traditional’ business and management thinking and provide a fresh perspective.

Currently, Sara teaches at London South Bank University as well as working as an independent consultant for cultural awareness in business negotiations and managing human resources for companies which operate in Mongolia, or are considering doing so in the future.  She is a frequent speaker at both academic and non-academic international conferences and business events.

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Cultural Intelligence – Learning from Mongolian Nomadic Wisdom

In the 13th century Chinggis Khaan, the leader of steppe, founded the ‘Great Mongolian State’ by forging the largest contiguous empire in the history of the world, stretching from Korea to present-day Poland. The empire led great economic, political and cultural transformation across Asia and Europe, from the establishment of the world’s best transportation system at the time, to the standardised use of paper money and coins.

Under his reign, almost all popular religions from Buddhism to Eastern Christianity, Manichaeism to Islam lived peacefully alongside one another. And yet he, and all his people were nomads. What can we learn from those nomadic leaders? In this session, we explore the concept of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), and learn how nomads utilised it, in order to enhance our insight, and to work effectively with diversity.

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