August 19

The Power of Choice – Letting your team build their own personal and professional development curriculum

Many of us now work in small- to medium-sized organisations and that can make personal and professional development for ourselves and our teams a costly challenge.

We all have different development needs, and wildly different interests. And we are motivated by learning what we need and want to learn, not just what we are told to learn.

So, what do your team members want and need to learn? How to be (more) innovative? How to collaborate better? Public speaking? How to be more productive, or to have difficult conversations? Perhaps innovation will come from experiencing creativity outside the work environment. Perhaps practising difficult conversations with fellow attendees provides the right environment to hone such a challenging skill.

By offering short masterclasses in many aspects of learning, including our foundational masterclasses based on the three intelligences of Curiosity, Creativity & Connectedness (3Cis), we hope to support teams and individuals in their process of lifelong learning. And a lot of the learning comes from the interaction with diversity – learning with people from different careers, lives, experiences.

Why not offer your team members the opportunity to build their own lifelong learning curriculum by tapping into the expertise curated by the team at The Yurt Academy? We deliver our own bespoke 3Cis foundational masterclasses as well as hand-picking experts from our network to offer stimulating, original sessions that build on the 3Cis foundation.

The half-day masterclasses are self-contained units and can be built into learning paths by allowing your people to choose the masterclasses that suit their learning needs.

By using a pre-purchased coupon system known as Nomad Passes, L&D and HR staff can offer two to three pre-paid masterclasses (or more) to each member of staff, giving them the autonomy to build their own development path. This allows individuals to develop in the areas most pertinent to their personal and professional growth.

Here is an example of a development path:

Aim: to overcome their stress around and fear of public speaking and to positively step into their upcoming leadership position with confidence, clarity and certainty.

Breathe Better, Stress Less

Connected Intelligence: Find power through purpose, personality and positivity

The Art of Persuasion Communication

Public Speaking with Power & Confidence

You can download our 2020 Open Academy programme here. We invite HR professionals to contact us for discount rates on bulk purchases of our Nomad Passes.

A recent CEO who bought 60 masterclass passes, two for each of her 25 staff, with 10 extra as gifts, said,

“I want to empower my staff by giving them the freedom to choose which training they wish to attend. Budgets are tight and this system means I offer them an individualised development path – it’s brilliant!”

What would you like to learn?