July 18

The Power of Choice – Letting your team build their own personal and professional development curriculum

Many of us now work in small to medium sized organisations and that can make personal and professional development for ourselves and our teams a costly challenge.

We all have different development needs, and wildly different interests. And we are motivated by learning what we need and want to learn, not just what we are told to learn. So, what do your team members want and need to learn? Confidence? Public speaking? Leadership qualities? How to be more productive, or to have difficult conversations? Perhaps confidence will come from developing a private passion – art, music, cooking. Or perhaps motivation will be sparked by social interactions with like-minded people outside of the working environment.

By offering short masterclasses in many aspects of learning, we hope to support teams and individuals in their process of life-long learning. And a lot of the learning comes from the interaction with diversity – learning with people from different careers, lives, experiences.

Why not offer your team members the opportunity to build their own life-long learning curriculum by tapping into the expertise curated by the team at The Yurt Academy. We source the experts, manage the venues, and provide the environment for efficient and lasting learning. The masterclasses are three hours, and self-contained units, designed around specific areas of learning . All you need to do is allow your team to choose what is ultimately going to make them more motivated, more productive, and happier members of your work force, and the community.

Understanding Introverts and Extroverts– Half the great ideas in this world come from introverts. Understand yourself and others and maximum individual and team effectiveness.

Event Management Planning– facilitated by Jarno Stegeman who has organised events from 30 up to 30,000 people.

Caring for Me Amongst it All in Life and Work– How to find and implement a good work life balance facilitated by experienced business director and senior coach Sarah Jameson

Vegetarian Cooking, Beyond Baked Beans and Seasonal Cooking – A great night out, learning to cook while enjoying homemade cocktails, and sharing the three-course feast at the end of the masterclass. What’s not to like?

How to have Difficult Conversations– Psychotherapist, Conscious Business People founder, and senior consultant Jamie Pyper tells us how.

Productive and in Control– Time Management from High Flyers with Dr. Catherine Pope, author, trainer, and seriously productive.

Cultural Intelligence – Using Mongolian Nomadic Wisdom in western business practices, an introduction to CQ with Dr. Sara Manalsuren.

Tricks of the Trade – Acting Skills for Public Speaking, with Director and Audio Description specialist Alison Clarke.

Mind Mapping– “Fantastic session from Alex, extremely knowledgeable and I feel that it will totally revolutionise my approach to note taking and idea generation starting from now! Probably the most useful, practical course I’ve taken in a long time.” 

Leadership Qualities: Empowering, Resilience, Communication – build your leadership skills, one by one.

Making Watchable Videos – “dos and don’ts” of how to make a video that looks like it was made by a TV professional.

Unleash your Inner Travel Writer– Intriguing introductions, Travel writing as storytelling, Taking the reader with you, all the skills you need

Coaching for beginners – Learning the principles to effective coaching.

Creative Thinking Skills – How we think, where we get stuck, and how to see afresh.