September 18

Tricks of the Trade – Acting Techniques for Public Speaking

This interactive, experiential workshop offers a range of techniques to communicate comfortably and effectively with an audience. The audience may be one or two people in an informal situation, a dozen people around a table or an audience of hundreds. The workshop offers a toolkit of techniques used in the rehearsal room and shared in workshops with everyone from terrified fathers of the bride to senior executives delivering presentations in the city and just about everyone in between.

The aim is to facilitate everyone to develop and refine their own style taking as a starting point Oscar Wilde’s premise: ‘you may as well be yourself, everyone else have been taken’.

What you can expect from the session:

• a relaxed and supportive environment
• help to manage nerves and control your voice
• technique to create your personal role appropriate to you and establish rapport with your audience
• to understand the role of the audience, even if its only one or two individuals
• freedom to select only what is appropriate and comfortable for you
• to use your skills and experiences to change behaviour in situations presented by experienced actors and facilitators
• and a firm promise that role play is not expected from or forced on anyone