Discover the world of Curious ideas and new ways of looking. Expand your Creative potential. Become aware of your Personal identity, your goals and dreams, your meaning and purpose. And empower your Professional aspirations through developing skills and abilities.

Let us capture your imagination

Learn Anything
Our Yurt categories contain a variety of subjects from the everyday to the obscure. The easy to absorb sessions are kept short and held locally to you. We offer an ever-expanding array of subjects, helping you discover new passions, learn new skills and expand your mind and horizons.

Learn Together
All the sessions are face to face and take place in venues in towns and cities. Our Keepers share their knowledge with you alongside other students enrolled in the same session. Your learning experience is shared and enhanced with other local like-minded individuals.

Learn Smart
Each session is carefully crafted so you don’t have to waste valuable time on areas that you already have knowledge of, or have no interest in. These short bursts of learning are designed to be more effective so you choose exactly what you want to learn, and where. Our sessions run from 90 minutes to 3 hours, and are all self-contained.

We are independent thinkers

At The Yurt Academy we devote our time to developing stimulating content to inspire and motivate you

Our simple booking system allows you to explore by location, subject area, or Yurt Keeper. Once you have chosen your session you can quickly and easily book and pay online. It's that simple.

1. Explore

2. Click

3. Go!

Nomadic Spaces

The Yurt Academy will always use existing spaces in towns and cities. We like to keep things interesting by choosing unusual learning environments. Our spaces include cafes, old churches, theatres, kitchens, colleges, and even parks (when it is warm). These unique settings can help to enhance your experience as testified by previous students.

Self-contained bursts of learning

Each session is designed to cover specific points on any subject. There is no fluff or jargon and large subjects are deconstructed into short sessions. Deep and lasting learning occurs through this highly directed style of learning.

Subject areas

The subjects are divided in four categories for ease of searching, and to inspire further learning. They are: Practical, for hands on skills in anything from directed first aid, to the basics of plumbing. Professional, for the development of skills required for professional success. Personal, for development of personal efficiency and well-being. Lastly there is Curious & Creative, well, just come and explore and you might well develop yet another passion.

Our Story

How, why and when did The Yurt Academy begin?

Hi, I am Alex.

The idea for the Yurt Academy came to me quite dramatically on Brighton Beach.  I had gone there to think over the next phase of my life.  After 25 years living in China where I had created an international literary festival, a training and consulting organisation, several restaurants and entertainment spaces as well as bookshops, I wanted a new focus.

Suddenly the wind got up, and I was in a proper autumn storm and soaked from the sea mist coming from the west.  I was completely drenched.  I stayed there, soaking wet and loving it.  Because I had the idea….

In China I had seen how people light up when they learn new things, make connections and get insights. It is also part of who I am and gives me a great sense of hope and excitement.





But I have always been drawn to adventure and travelled extensively, in deserts of China, Mongolia and Namibia as well as the permafrost of Alaska and the Patagonian wilderness.  I relish the freedom of living in a tent and was always very struck by the sense of community and sharing which is an essential aspect of life in a yurt.  And I wanted to honour this tradition and yet bring the adventure home.

So, I combined these ideas into the Yurt Academy.  Even though we may not be sharing the feast of the sheep, or insights about the forthcoming snow you can share the insights of brilliant people so that we all grow.

I hope there will be a Yurt Academy event that intrigues you. That you can take your talents and interests further, get new insights and be inspired to share in our community.

I look forward to meeting you in this adventure!




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