We help businesses and organisations build teams that are driven towards a purpose, care for people, take care of the planet and bring in the profit.

We develop individuals within teams, harnessing diversity and nourishing creativity. We help build teams that embrace collaboration and transform conflict into creativity. We help organisations build future facing strategies with sustainble impact.


Discover ideas worth exploring, skills worth building. We offer an ever-expanding array of subjects to help you and your team members discover new passions, learn new skills, and develop an intrinsic desire for mastery, insight and adventure.


The present and future requires ongoing collaborative learning, cross sector thinking, and collective approaches to leadership. All of our masterclasses are interactive, face to face, and designed to create great opportunity for collaborative learning.


From ego system approach to eco system approach, organisations need heart and head leadership more than ever. Our masterclasses are designed to strengthen positive organisational culture, to encourage curiosity, compassion and courage, and to build an eco system approach to strategy.

We are independent thinkers

At The Yurt Academy we devote our time to developing stimulating content to inspire and motivate you

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Our Yurt Keepers

Experts in their field and who have designed lean learning sessions that aim to truly change behaviour and to develop skills and knowledge

By keeping the sessions short and self-contained, The Yurt Academy engages inspiring Yurt Keepers who are experts in their field and who have designed lean learning sessions that aim to truly change behaviour, develop skills and knowledge and awaken a passion for lifelong learning. They are not only experts but have experience both in life and in their subject matter. Their backgrounds are diverse – academics, industry experts and entrepreneurs, artists and creators, and they share the passion for sharing knowledge.


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