To prepare people and organisations for the Future of Work, we have brought new thinking to the whole concept of learning and development.

Our reworking of the training model, in response to workplace shifts, means our business model is innovative, our thinking fresh and our engagement unique. 

We’re interested in boosting people’s ability to conceive new ideas, new ways of being and working, to imagine change, by arousing curiosity, unlocking creative thinking and fostering connectedness. 

The Yurt Academy’s training and facilitation unlocks brilliance from the inside out – be it on an individual or organisational level.

Embedding Human Intelligence

We help companies embed Human Intelligence in their workforce to develop skills and mindsets for the future of work. We have the experience, we have the passion, and we want to make a difference.


Our masterclasses are evidence based and solution focused. Our team of experts has a depth and breadth of expertise and knowledge acquired through both research and application, and our collaboration produces fertile new ideas.


Thirty years' experience of training, entrepreneurship, international business management and community building, our Human Intelligence model offers a holistic approach to building healthy, creative, human-centred workplaces.


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Our Founder & Director

The Yurt Academy is the brainchild of entrepreneur Alexandra Pearson MBE. Builder of “one of the top 10 bookshops in the world”, creator of China’s largest literary festival and trainer of 1000’s of leaders, managers and employees in personal development and Creative Thinking Skills, Alex brings fresh thinking to the field of training in the UK.

Our Yurt Keepers

About our Yurt Keepers

Custodians of knowledge, successful in their own domain and with a depth of knowledge in areas that you won’t usually find on traditional curricula - that is precisely why we have hand-picked them.