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What our participants are saying

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An excellent workshop! It provided me with an extremely useful set of tools for thinking through ideas and problems. I emerged with my synapses firing!  ”

Catherine, Engineer

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An excellent and inspirational workshop that is going to revolutionize how I capture and use data, and ideas to train, present, research and pitch to clients. Can’t wait to get started.”

Coach, Brighton & Hove
Mind Mapping

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Excellent session; great speaker... really uplifting, and clearly very passionate about her topic. I cannot praise this event enough, I'm so incredibly glad I joined as some of the items discussed have directly impacted my mood and mental health for the better. Thank you so much.”

Apprentice, London

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Very well directed session from Alex, and visual way of seeing a problem from all angles. The reflection time during the session has helped thank you! Great to have the opportunity to think of examples and how to apply them in work and in life. I'd be interested to look up more about the different hats.”

Apprentice, London
Six Thinking Hats

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Very complex and wide reaching subject carefully condensed down into an hour and fifteen mins. Picked up some useful techniques. Also learnt about how many people I should / I am influencing being in my role. Food for thought.”

Team leader, London
Emotional Intelligence at Work

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Thought it was clear and well spoken and clearly someone very knowledgeable leading the event. Difficult to cover such a task as 'Creative Problem Solving' in 1 hour, but it was useful in getting the thought process with the positives and negatives and about thinking about things different. Useful. Thanks”

Line manager, London
Creative Problem Solving

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This session was rich in guidance, information and inspiration from a truly amazing teacher. Her talent and enthusiasm, her personal interaction with each participant was the best ever.”

Health Practitioner, Brighton & Hove
Creative Thinking