Establish new ways of looking, thinking and being.

Master new skills, attitudes and behaviours.

Acquire insight through our curated masterclasses that build transferable skills to serve you and your organisation a lifetime.

The Yurt Academy prepares and empowers the whole person for a future of agility and resilience in the face of a changing world.

We want people to feed their curiosity, to unleash their creativity, and to feel connected to themselves and the world around them.

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Discover ideas worth exploring, skills worth building. We offer an ever-expanding array of subjects to help you and your team members discover new passions, learn new skills, and develop an intrinsic desire for mastery, insight and adventure.

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The present and future requires ongoing collaborative learning, cross sector thinking, and collective approaches to leadership. All of our masterclasses are interactive, face to face, and designed to create great opportunity for collaborative learning and team connection.

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Promoting organisations with heart and head leadership at every level. Our masterclasses are designed to strengthen positive organisational culture, to encourage curiosity, compassion and courage, and to build an ecosystem approach to strategy.

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Interview Series

Co-Directors Alexandra Pearson and Bridget Rooth in Conversation

Bridget asks Alex: What are the roots of The Yurt Academy? Alex: I returned to the UK four years ago...

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Latest news

Nurturing a Beginner’s Mind

An Activity to Stimulate Curiosity Most of us are firm in our opinions on any one argument, be it politics,...

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Interview Series

“I view play as engaging openly, curiously and spontaneously with the world” – Interview with Play specialist Diane Marks

Psychiatrist and play researcher Dr. Stuart Brown describes play as “a state of being, purposeless, fun and pleasurable”. Is this...

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Interview Series | Keeper Article

Interview on Curiosity with Marcelo Staricoff

What is curiosity? I think that curiosity is the essence of life. It’s the starting point for all learning, for...

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"This lively session provided me with a useful set of tools for thinking through any idea or problem. I emerged with my synapses firing!"

Catherine, Yurt Academy Student