Solving real-world problems by applying human intelligence. Connect to the self, the others around you and the ecosystem in which you live.

In this world of AI and AR, we humans retain distinct and precious advantages over machines. Think curiosity, empathy, resourcefulness, humour, connectedness, resilience, imagination…and that’s just for starters.

Master new skills, attitudes and behaviours and create new ways of looking, thinking and being.


Integrate the many human intelligences into your every day and bring about real, positive change.

Strengthen your organisation’s resilience and engagement. Build agile, collaborative, innovative and compassionate teams ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Unlock the power of creativity, design and systems thinking to ensure regenerative and innovative problem solving.

Master Mindsets and Skills for the Future with The Yurt Academy


Discover ideas worth exploring, skills worth building. We offer thought-provoking subjects to help you and your team members discover new ways of looking, thinking and being. Develop mindsets and skills ready for the future of work, the circular economy, the future of our planet.

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Our interactive masterclasses and workshops are designed to develop resilience and agility. We help build purpose-driven teams that are truly engaged, and able to use group diversity to tap into creative and innovative thinking.

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Promoting organisations with human-centred leadership at every level. Our content design is focused on developing positive organisational culture, encouraging critical thinking and building collaborative and engaged teams.

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Published – Engaging Human Intelligence in a Tech-driven World

“…as machines and algorithms take over the more automatable jobs, it is imperative that we, as human beings, focus our...

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Human Intelligence and the Future of Work

Why are the three intelligences of Curiosity, Creativity and Connectedness so crucial to the future of work? Simply put they...

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“How can I be creative on command?”

This question was posed by a student of Design Thinking for Digital Innovation at the Warwick Business School where I...

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"An excellent workshop! It provided me with an extremely useful set of tools for thinking through ideas and problems. I emerged with my synapses firing!"

Catherine, Yurt Academy Student