Curious, Creative, Connected – Applying Human Intelligence in your Working Future

Master new skills, attitudes and behaviours. Create new ways of looking, thinking, being. 

We help you apply the Human Intelligences of Curiosity, Creativity and Connectedness to your individual, team and organisational growth. 

Strengthen your organisational resilience and engagement. Build agile, collaborative, innovative and compassionate teams.

In the face of tech-driven changes, our training and facilitation places people at the heart of your organisation preparing you for the future of work.

We are currently offering our masterclasses and facilitated sessions as online interactive Webinar Sessions.

Master Mindsets and Skills for the Future with The Yurt Academy


Discover ideas worth exploring, skills worth building. We offer an ever-expanding array of subjects to help you and your team members discover new ways of looking, thinking and being. Develop mindsets and skills ready for the future of work.

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Interactive, online through Webinar or face to face, our masterclasses are designed to develop resilience and agility. We help build purpose-driven teams that are truly engaged, and able to use group diversity to tap into creative and innovative thinking.

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Promoting organisations with human-centred leadership at every level. Our masterclasses are designed to strengthen positive organisational culture, to encourage curiosity, creativity and connectedness to build collaborative and engaged teams.

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Just Published – Engaging Human Intelligence in a Tech-driven World

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Human Intelligence and the Future of Work

Why are the three intelligences of Curiosity, Creativity and Connectedness so crucial to the future of work? Simply put they...

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Aiming for Optimism

Aiming for optimism

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Develop your Curious Intelligence to be more effective, innovative and successful

Curiosity is at the heart of our internal reward system and, far from getting us into trouble, it brings us...

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"This lively session provided me with a useful set of tools for thinking through any idea or problem. I emerged with my synapses firing!"

Catherine, Yurt Academy Student