The Yurt Academy uses a  holistic approach to personal and professional growth.

We focus on the individual, and provide personal nourishment through mastery, insight and adventure.

We build teams based on strategic

collaborative learning, and build skills, behaviours and attitudes fit for the future.

We help organisations to embed a system of collective leadership and an eco system approach to strategic development.

Latest news

Botanical Illustration: A Resurgence Of An Ancient Art Form?

You’re probably familiar with this ancient art without having paid much attention to it – that’ how commonplace botanical illustration...

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Latest news

“Film or video is a means of communication like language, and like language it also has a structure – or grammar – which makes it work”​

I attended a class at The Yurt Academy a couple of months ago, on how to make a watchable video,...

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Interview Series

Cultural Intelligence – Learning from Mongolian Nomadic Wisdom – Interview with Saranzaya Manalsuren

You came to the UK from your hometown in rural Mongolia. Can you tell us a little about that decision? ...

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Interview Series

“I view play as engaging openly, curiously and spontaneously with the world” – Interview with Play specialist Diane Marks

Psychiatrist and play researcher Dr. Stuart Brown describes play as “a state of being, purposeless, fun and pleasurable”. Is this...

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Why learn with the Yurt Academy?


Discover ideas worth exploring, skills worth building. We offer an ever-expanding array of subjects to help you and your team members discover new passions, learn new skills, and develop an intrinsic desire for mastery, insight and adventure.

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The present and future requires ongoing collaborative learning, cross sector thinking, and collective approaches to leadership. All of our masterclasses are interactive, face to face, and designed to create great opportunity for collaborative learning.

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Promoting organisations with heart and head leadership at every level. Our masterclasses are designed to strengthen positive organisational culture, to encourage curiosity, compassion and courage, and to build an eco system approach to strategy.

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At the Yurt Academy we devote our time to developing and curating masterclasses to help you and your team be the best it can be.



Our Yurt Keepers are more than people who teach – they are leaders who inspire you to do great things. With years of experience and expert in the design and delivery of content, our team is here to empower your future.

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How The Yurt Academy works

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Search by subject, Yurt Keeper, or Yurt Catergory. Or just browse and be inspired. Our holistic approach to personal and professional development feeds the heart and mind, and promotes a culture of curiosity, compassion and courage.

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Select the masterclass for you and your team. Holistic development is about developing teams with hearts and high emotional intelligence, and teams with heads that are strategic, focused and goal oriented.

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Get in touch with us and we will bring our expertise to you. Our Yurt Keepers are diverse – academics, industry experts and entrepreneurs, artists and creators, and they share the passion for sharing knowledge.

"This lively session provided me with a useful set of tools for thinking through any idea or problem. I emerged with my synapses firing!"

Catherine, Yurt Academy Student