In-house and Public Masterclasses for Business

We believe in a holistic approach to personal and professional growth; building business competencies, developing skills and attitudes, nurturing creativity, and sparking innovative thinking through developing curiosity. Furthermore, our research shows that giving individuals the autonomy to build their own holistic life-long learning journey promotes enhanced learning, increases motivation, and develops skills specific to individual needs.

At the Yurt Academy, we have developed masterclasses that offer a holistic approach, and that have been designed to suit different individuals in different stages of their development journey. Our masterclasses are affordable in time and money, are face to face, and take place locally in existing spaces across the city of Brighton and Hove.

Yurt Keepers

By keeping the sessions short and self-contained, The Yurt Academy engages inspiring Yurt Keepers who are experts in their field and who have designed lean learning sessions that aim to truly change behaviour, develop skills and knowledge and awaken a passion for lifelong learning. They are not only experts but have experience both in life and in their subject matter. Their backgrounds are diverse – academics, industry experts and entrepreneurs, artists and creators, and they share the passion for sharing knowledge.

Our Yurts


Cultural Intelligence, Ancient Wisdom, Looking afresh, Play, Philosophy & Ideas, Ideology, Business Society and Culture


Creative writing, Illustration, Unleashing hidden talents, Creative Thinking Skills, Arts and Humanities, Poetry, Music


Authentic you, Positive Psychology, Self-awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Confidence, Resilience, Purpose and Meaning


Organisational Culture, Public Speaking, Insight, Authentic Leadership, Professional Productivity, Skills Development


Yurt Passes for Public Masterclasses

The Yurt Academy offers a system of Yurt Passes, where team members have access to all masterclasses in all of the Yurts; The Curious, The Creative, The Professional and The Personal offering broad opportunities for learning and inspiration. Team members choose what they want to learn, and when.

Three coupons a year for each team member is a per person annual investment of £121.50 (+ VAT) and allows individuals to develop in the areas most pertinent to their personal and professional growth. Research shows that motivated, stimulated individuals are more efficient, more able to work well in teams, thrive in difficult situations, and become invaluable members of organisations.

In-House Learning for Teams

For groups of 10 of more wanting to attend the same masterclass, we are able to bring the classroom to you, and run in-house sessions.

If you are interested in discovering more about offering Yurt Passes to your team, or in our In-House masterclasses please do get in touch.