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The Yurt Academy engages inspiring Yurt Keepers who are experts in their field. They have designed lean learning sessions that aim to truly change behaviour, develop skills and knowledge and awaken a passion for lifelong learning. They are not only experts, they have experience both in life and in their subject matter. Their backgrounds are diverse – academics, industry experts and entrepreneurs, artists and creators – and they share our passion for sharing knowledge.

Meet The Yurt Academy’s Keepers by clicking on their photos below.

Catherine Sampson

“Writers are people who write, so put pen to paper and let the magic flow.”

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Bridget Rooth

Bridget Rooth is an entrepreneur, trainer, language buff and lifetime adventurer. Bridget has worked all over the world, including 12-year...

Adam Pearson

Adam Pearson is a therapist and consultant who believes that people learn best when they are positive, active and talk...

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Saranzaya Manalsuren

“The purpose of knowledge is to accept others for their abilities, learn what you can from them, and share what you...

Jamie Pyper

Jamie is a psychotherapist, business coach and co-founder of Conscious Business People a Brighton based business culture and change management...

Marieke Reichwein

Marieke Reichwein is a Sinologist and jurist based in Beijing, China. Over thirty years of living and working in China...

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Cherry Denman

“Exuberance is beauty. Learn, share, flourish.”

Jo Godden

Jo Godden is a fashion specialist, mother and activist. Having had an international management career for all the big retail...

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Diane Marks

“Play is engaging openly, curiously and spontaneously with the world – so every day can be a play day!”

Marcelo Staricoff

“Einstein’s parents never asked him what he had learnt at school but rather ‘what questions have you asked today?” This...

James Endersby

James Endersby has been a web developer for over seventeen years and has worked for a number of development agencies...

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Catherine Pope

Catherine Pope has enjoyed a diverse career as a web developer, academic, and trainer. She now works as a financial...

Bob Maddams

“Einstein said ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’ I say let the games begin.”

Lasy Lawless

Lasy is a psychotherapist, business coach and co-founder of Conscious Business People, a Brighton based business culture and change management...

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Pattie Horrocks

Pattie is an executive  coach, coach supervisor  and facilitator.     Her passion for her profession comes from her belief in the...

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Fiona Cooper

Fiona Cooper is a Speaker Coach, Crypto Enthusiast and polymath, constantly finding new ways to connect people and ideas.  She...

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Emma Mills-Sheffield

Emma’s masterclasses don’t start with the stories of the lessons she learnt when she represented her country in an elite...