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Creative Intelligence – Tools, Tips and Techniques

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Alexandra Pearson

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Creative Intelligence – Tools, Tips and Techniques
with Alexandra Pearson

Creative Intelligence is a combination of art and science and is in demand now more than ever as we face increasingly complex globally inter-linked problems. With the advancement of neuroscience, we now have a deep understanding of our thinking processes, and can, as a result, choose and direct our thinking styles appropriately.

In this workshop, we explore how we think, where we get stuck, and how to see afresh. We learn to use different thinking tools for different occasions and build creative muscle. We also explore some of the psychological attitudes that influence our creative potential and abilities. Ultimately, we gain a fresh perspective on how to improve personal and team creative output bringing real value to team performance.

Participants will:

  • Understand the Art and Science of Creative Intelligence
  • Overcome the Creative Crisis
    • The Brain: A User’s Guide
    • Challenging paradigms and perceptions
    • Idea Generation
    • Creative Thinking Tools and Techniques

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