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The Art of Persuasion Communication

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May 8, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am




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The Art of Persuasion Communication

There are now more ways to communicate today than ever before. This has been fuelled by the rise of the internet, digital technology and social media. So much so that we are now bombarded with more messages every day than we can possibly remember or manage. Economists have given this phenomena a name, the “Attention Economy”, which treats human attention as a scarce commodity. More tech is not the answer, in fact, it’s a big part of the problem, and the mobile phone, for instance, has become the weapon of mass distraction. The answer lies in recognizing that persuasion doesn’t happen on screen, or on the page, it happens in the human mind, and that understanding how we react to messages and what influences our decision making processes is what constitutes powerful persuasion.

In this involving workshop you’ll be taken on a fascinating journey through the principles, or the three Is, of Persuasion Communication.

  • Impact – where you’ll learn how to make messages stand out and win attention
  • Information – where you’ll learn how to understand your audience, empathise with them, be relevant and say the right things in the right way for maximum effect
  • Influence – where you’ll learn about the behavioural science insights that govern human decision making
  • You’ll also learn about Persuasion Storytelling and how to use Persuasion Communication techniques in presentations, public speaking, negotiating and networking

Communications are all around us, and all communications seek to persuade. By focusing on the human, and not the algorithm, the Persuasion Communication workshop will show you how to make your messaging more effective by being more persuasive.

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