Alexandra Pearson

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Building Mental Resilience Through Positivity

Resilient people find potential in almost any challenge. They nurture positivity and see opportunity where others see problems.

We can all build our mental resilience through nurturing habits and using techniques to increase positivity. It is about building the strength and the mindset to remain future- and solution-focused in ambiguous and challenging situations.

In this masterclass we learn the key attributes of building mental resilience and how we can use positivity to take control of our own thoughts and actions. We learn the difference between dissonant and resonant input, and practice techniques to increase positive inputs. We also look at how to focus on the areas that we can control, and how that brings confidence and autonomy.

In this masterclass we will cover:

  • Understanding Positivity
  • Resonant & Dissonant Input
  • Empowering Positive Action
  • Shifting from Negative to Positive

Online or in person

1-2 hours

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