Unlocking Your Creative Intelligence


In this workshop, we explore how we think, where we get stuck, and how to see afresh. We learn to use different thinking tools for different occasions and build creative muscle. We also explore some of the psychological attitudes that influence our creative potential and abilities. Ultimately, we gain a fresh perspective on how to improve personal and team creative output bringing real value to team performance.

The masterclass teaches participants to use creative thinking skills for individual and team use. We put theory into practice with specially designed activities where we apply techniques to real work challenges.


How to have Difficult Conversations

French Chamber of Commerce Lincoln House, 300 High Holborn, London, London

Overcoming inertia and saying what’s important - With Concious Business People We all have conversations in our life that need...


Human-centred Leadership


People are at the core of all successful businesses, regardless of industry, and the current tech-driven changes require us to...


Life-long Learning


In this workshop we look at how to build both a life-long learning habit and a life-long learning plan. Opportunities abound and now is the time to work on a congruent future that has you doing what brings you satisfaction, contentment and brings your value to others.


Boosting Your Financial Wellbeing

French Chamber of Commerce Lincoln House, 300 High Holborn, London, London

Now we’re living longer and leading less predictable lives, we need new ways of thinking about money. While this brings...


Conflict Transformation

Kemptown Kemptown, Brighton

Conflicts are unavoidable and not necessarily bad; they can create resentment, infighting and build an unhealthy organisation culture resulting in...