Connected to Self: Find power through purpose, personality and positivity

A key component of emotional intelligence, the gateway to personal well-being and the foundation of how we deal with others, self-awareness should be at the top of all of our learning goals.

What makes us uniquely brilliant? What drives us to perform, to succeed, to nurture important friendships? By understanding the forces of nurture and nature, we can get to know ourselves at a deeper level.

Why do we have gut feelings, and why does one idea give us a headache and another a feeling of euphoria? Explore the somatic processes of the Positive Emotional Attractors, and Negative Emotional Attractors and the effect they have on our bodies and thinking.

Interconnected: Collaborate through Trust, Authentic Communication and Higher Purpose

Successful interaction with other people is built on trust, and trust is at the heart of any truly effective team. But how do we build trust? What are its’ building blocks and what are the specific outcomes of trust? In this masterclass we discover the things we can harvest from trust and how they benefit our interactions with others.

Communication is a complex beast; it is an art and a science and immensely powerful. What makes us good communicators and easily understood by others? We learn how to identify and dismantle the barriers to effective communication.

How to create, hold and grow your presence

To grow we need to step outside of our comfort zones. Whether you’re dipping your toe across the line or taking a running jump out of the zone, you’ll be more successful if you’ve built resilience, awareness, confidence and presence.

Often fear can masquerade as false confidence which won’t put you at ease in a new situation, nor will it convince others. But when you build from the inside out, it comes across as authentic, honest and genuinely confident.

Breathe Better, Stress Less

In the Breathe Better, Stress Less masterclass, we learn how the body was designed to breathe and how our modern life and millennia-old brain have led us into bad breathing habits. Studies show that a massive 80% of people are not using their breathing apparatus effectively. What does that mean? Over-breathing, breath hunger, tension build-up, sensitive trigger points, poor posture, loss of concentration and focus, poor sleep and so on.

In a fun, learning-by-feeling way, we learn:

How to retrain the good breathing muscles
How to optimise the mind-body-breath connection
How to use breath as a tool to manage your emotional state and the way you think
How to differentiate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress
How to use good posture, stretches and breathing techniques to create ‘relaxation’ times throughout the working day

Giving Feedback so you get Heard

Bypassing conflict while getting your message across – With Conscious Business People

Without effective feedback it’s hard for things to change. Yet we resist, anxious of how our message will be received, fearful of possible rifts in relationships or defensiveness and the frustration of not being heard. The secret to giving effective feedback is how we do it.

This 3 hour experiential workshop will teach you a robust technique for giving feedback so you are heard with minimal risk of conflict. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to practice in a safe environment and with plenty of feedback.

The skills you will learn are essential in leadership and management roles but may serve you equally in your professional and personal life.

Bring yourself and maybe a couple of scenarios where you have been struggling to give feedback effectively and we’ll provide the rest. We’re psychotherapists and business culture change specialists so feedback is ingrained in everything we do.

Coaching Skills for Beginners

Learning the principles to effective coaching – with Conscious Business People

Coaching others builds their confidence, reduces their dependency on you and helps them solve more of their problems themselves. The guiding principle is that you can’t do their learning for them. However being effective as a coach relies on following a few golden rules.

This 3 hour experiential workshop will give you not only the fundamental principles of coaching, why and when to coach and lots of opportunity to practice your technique.

The skills you will learn are essential in leadership and management roles but may serve you equally in your professional and personal life.

We’re psychotherapists, coaches and business culture change specialists so coaching is ingrained in everything we do.

Positive Psychology in Practice

What is it about the letter P?  People, potential, performance … so much more positive and powerful than … problems.  This course moves on from traditional problem-solving to explore what positive psychology can look like in practice. The course covers theories, techniques and skills from the ‘solution focused approach’, developed in the 1980’s and gaining ground in fields such as therapy, social care, health and organisational change.  We’ll work with live material ranging from the everyday to the transformational.

Expect to learn some very practical skills for achieving change, and to experience changes. This is an experiential process, and the approaches we will use are good not just for bringing about positive feelings, but creating powerful results.  For those who will want proof – expect pudding.

How to have Difficult Conversations

Overcoming inertia and saying what’s important – With Concious Business People

We all have conversations in our life that need having but that somehow don’t get had. This may be true in our work or our personal lives. Commonly we fear the discomfort of conflict, sometimes it’s because we don’t know how to say it or find the right words, sometimes we fear that we won’t be heard.

But what could change if you could have that conversation? What might become possible? What might you gain?

This 4 hour experiential workshop will gently but progressively stretch your comfort zone to build your confidence. We’ll show you how to use congruence so you get heard in potentially challenging conversations, remaining gently assertive while minimising unproductive conflict.

Conflict Transformation

Conflicts are unavoidable and not necessarily bad; they can create resentment, infighting and build an unhealthy organisation culture resulting in lower productive, disgruntled staff, and low levels of collaboration and creative output. Or they can they can offer opportunity for growth, innovation and creative development.

Effective conflict resolution and mediation skills are key to building a sustainable organisational model, be it large or small, political, industrial, creative or humanitarian. And leaders of organisations who build the skills sets required for conflict recognition and dispute resolution are better equipped to tap into diversity, and lead and manage creative successful teams.

This workshop provides an opportunity to learn about the principles and causes of conflicts, to choose strategies to resolve conflict, and to build facilitation skills that lead to the resolution of disputes through artful mediation. The workshop is highly interactive, with pair and group activities throughout that are specifically designed to deepen understanding and build skills.

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

The complexities of the modern world require building a network of unselfish collaborations and strategic ecosystem thinking, and these require deep levels of emotional intelligence. Relationships are key for the present and future or businesses large, small, profit and non-for, public sector and private. Relationships with teams and organisations, and also across sector need developing and nurturing to be able to transcend current models of business strategy and team development.

Emotional Intelligence is about personal awareness – recognition and management of emotions, and interpersonal abilities – empathy, compassion, mentoring and team emotion management.