Building Virtual Collaborative Teams


Collaboration requires a combination of social skills - from deep understanding of the diversity within our teams, to building trust and establishing respectful, empowering authentic communication.

What makes us uniquely brilliant? What drives us to perform, to succeed, to nurture important friendships? By understanding the forces of nurture and nature, we can get to know ourselves at a deeper level.

Why do we have gut feelings, and why does one idea give us a headache and another a feeling of euphoria? Explore the somatic processes of the Positive Emotional Attractors, and Negative Emotional Attractors and the effect they have on our bodies and thinking.


The Art of Persuasion Communication


There are now more ways to communicate today than ever before. This has been fuelled by the rise of the internet, digital technology and social media.


How to have Difficult Conversations

French Chamber of Commerce Lincoln House, 300 High Holborn, London, London, United Kingdom.

Overcoming inertia and saying what’s important - With Concious Business People We all have conversations in our life that need...


Human-centred Leadership


People are at the core of all successful businesses, regardless of industry, and the current tech-driven changes require us to...


Boosting Your Financial Wellbeing

French Chamber of Commerce Lincoln House, 300 High Holborn, London, London, United Kingdom.

Now we’re living longer and leading less predictable lives, we need new ways of thinking about money. While this brings...


Conflict Transformation

Kemptown Kemptown, Brighton, United Kingdom

Conflicts are unavoidable and not necessarily bad; they can create resentment, infighting and build an unhealthy organisation culture resulting in...

A Beginner’s Guide to Carbon Literacy

A Beginner's Guide to Carbon Literacy is an informed approach to helping individuals and teams make small or large changes to reduce your carbon footprint.